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Immediately following the events of Nova Lux, you will take up the mantle of building the universe anew. Civil unrest and fear have caused factions among the star colonies to subvert the federation. As it works to ignite new stars and forge galaxies which can once again perpetuate life, your factions will position for power and prosperity in the new Galactic Order. But creation comes with a cost. As the inhabitants of your universe not only defy but reverse the natural law of Entropy, the Void takes notice.

Impendium is the standalone integrated sequel to Nova Lux for 1 to 6 players lasting roughly 15 minutes per player. It combines area control, resource management, and worker placement for fast-paced, action-packed adventure. 

In Nova Lux you will take charge of a federation of orphaned alien species that have escaped dying star systems in the wake of a galactic apocalypse. The Universe is winding down. Entropy is increasing to maximum.

You will manage precious resources through trade, conflict, and exploration that will sustain biological life and power your Ark of Salvation, Hydrogen Converters, and Biosphere Engine all while building a star colony that can outlast the end of the universe and give it new light "Nova Lux."

Nova Lux is for 1 to 6 players, lasts roughly 15 minutes/ player and combines resource management, engine-building, and off-turn action mechanics to make for fast, compelling, and continuous game-play.

Successfully funded in September, 2020 

Virtue is a cooperative game for 2 to 4 players that pits your team against the spiritual forces of good and evil. You will strive to live a good life while balancing your life pursuits (community, education, personal identity, marriage, hope, faith, and love.) You will quest for internal tranquility and life-long peace. You will struggle with existential conflict as your angels and demons battle to shape your soul and define your character. You are in this together so if one falls, you all fall.


Take on the role of a Queen Bee. Go out into the world and establish your hive. Lay and mature larva into worker bees. Send those bees out into the world to locate and harvest rich pollen and nourishing nectar. Build your hive and upgrade your abilities. Augment your strategy on the fly based on your unique species abilities and upgrades. Push your luck exploring the world with various perils, predators, and increasing seasonal scarcity as you manage your hive from its inception in the Spring on into Summer and Fall. 


Successfully funded on KS December, 2019

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